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PPSC Pharmacist Test on 23 August 2015

Q. Chloramphenicol causes which side effect?Q. Composition of Drug Court?Q. Subsequent penalties in section of Drug Act 1976?Q. Section 27 of Drug Act 1976 covers?Q. Non Compliance occurs due to?Q. Defination oF non compliance.Q. Which vitamin interferes with diagnosis of pernicious anemoa?Q. What is mode of action of Hydralazine?Q. What is mode of action of Beta Blockers?Q. Chloramphenicol is used ... Read More »

NTS GAT Medicine and Allied Paper August 2015

1. reactive arthritis body rash> Keratoderma blenoragicum 2. Wavelength of CO2 used during gingivectmy> 100, 10, 10600, 50? 3. S. Suis what is the main reservoir> cats , cattle, human 4. Bloody Diarrhea causes> Shigella, Staph, Entamoeba 5. Sarcoidosis which one is false> dec 1,25 cholicalciferol 6. congestive cardiomyopathy> 7. IHSS what is false>late systolic murmur, thickening of outflow tract ... Read More »