Monday , 22 May 2017

NTS GAT Medicine and Allied Paper August 2015

1. reactive arthritis body rash> Keratoderma blenoragicum
2. Wavelength of CO2 used during gingivectmy> 100, 10, 10600, 50?
3. S. Suis what is the main reservoir> cats , cattle, human
4. Bloody Diarrhea causes> Shigella, Staph, Entamoeba
5. Sarcoidosis which one is false> dec 1,25 cholicalciferol
6. congestive cardiomyopathy>
7. IHSS what is false>late systolic murmur, thickening of outflow tract
8. GH does not do> inc lipolysis, inc protein syn, inc blood glucose,
9. Ag2 causes> hyperkalemia
10. which bone does membranous ossification> scapula, clvicle, femur
11. apoptosis programmed cell death
12. RER involved in protein synthesis>
13. RER are not continous with SER?
14. hepatospleenomegaly what is false> TR, ca head of pancreas, Portal HTN, non-hogkin
15. MCC of RHF> COPD
16. MCC drug abused > Alcohol, Aspirin, Phenecitin
17. Eczema which one is true> inflammation
18. Which does not dec complement> MPGN, PSGN, IGA Neph, Infective endocardidtis,
19. Carcinoiod MC location> Pancreas?
20. Which cannot be a cause of Inc ESR> Polycythemia, Anaemia, Scarcoid
21. Lichen sclerosis is> hyperkeratosis/ epidemal,dermo-epidermal?
22. Psoriasis> hyperkeratosis of epidermis, parakeratosis
23. APCKD does not cause> loin pain, hematuria, renal failure, nephrotic syndrome
24. ARDS stands for > Acute respiratory Distress
25. hypercalcemia cannot be ass with> Hypothyroidism, PTH,
26. diarthosis type of joint> symphysis pubis, MCP,
27. Parkinsons due to destruction of > GABA, Dopamine,
28. Connexons are a part of> Gap Junctions
29. 3rd Degree Heart Block>
30. In Coma which center>
31. Inspiration which center> Pnemotaxic center?
32. Ptosis which Ms paralyzed?
33. Open the eye which Ms?
34. Fovea? highest acquity, Rods only?
35. H&E stains> Blue & Pink
36. Klebsiella pneumonia attacks> imunocompromised hosts
37. Tines Corporis differential will not include> Eczema, Leprosy, Primary Syphlis,
38. IE most common clinical finding> splinter hemorrhage, petechia, osler nodes, murmur?
39. 30 r old with Hpylori> how will you confirm th Dx> biopsy with urease, biopsy with culture, Stool tx, breath tx.
40. ATN is caused by> cefixime, Gentamicin, ?
41. 30 ro comes in with HBe Ab and HBS Ag negative, HBS-Ab positive dx> immunization, active diz?
42. Paracortex in lymph node contain> T-cells
43. which one is a vasodilator> Bradykinin, histamine
44. pt has a blood transfusion reaction what do you do immediately> stop the tranfusion.
45. Pt has acute hemorrhage what do you do immediately> send blood for type and cross match and secure IV
46. Pt has acute blood loss body response that is true>
47. Rash of Celiac diz what will the patient not have> abn jejunal biopsy,
48. Thymus is derived from> third pharyngeal pouch
49. What coagulates in coagulative necrosis> albumin, cell accumulates, protein?
50. most common type of cell injury is > hypoxic, toxic,
51. overal loss of cell size is?> Atrophy
52. Nodular sclerosis involves> Scar formation, fat collection, hyperplasia,?
53. what is true about iron, Ferritin is stored in liver spleen etx, hemosiderin is transfer form of iron,
54. Ulcer colitis pt what else will he have> Sclerosing cholangitis, immune hepatitis, gall stone, ?
55. female MV accident , crush injury to spine, had a bladder spill accident whats the cause? neurogenic bladder, atonic bladder, detrusor injury, ?
56. what is true about asthma< B2 agonist pt an attack, FEV1/FVC is >80%, xray will mostly be abnormal, its a reversible inflammatory condition,
57. Acute pancreatitis, what is bad prognosis> TLC is 20,000, Hi Amylas, Hi Lipsae,
58. Renal clearance of which one is 100%> PAH, Inulin, Creatinine,
59. MCC of corpulmonale> COPD and chronic bronchitis,
60. renal osteodystophy what cannot be a cause> osteoporosis, vit D def., calcium is low, phos is high
61. kidney arises from mesonephros
62. internal cremasteric fascia arises from > transversus abdominis, internal obl ms, external oblique ms, peritoneum
63. Ovulation occurs at the time of> intercourse, LH surge
64. 56 yo female comes in with excessive bleeding what can be a cause, leiomyoma, endometrial hyperplasia, ?
65. BBB which one is true> it matters mainly to lipid soluble drugs, water sol drugs,
66. Middle meningeal artery exits through< spinosum
67. chronic resp failure due to> kyphoscoliosis, repeated PE, copd,
68. olfactoary nerves > pass through thalamus, do not help with appreciating taste,
69. dermo epidermal blister> bullous pamphigod
70. what will decrease the rate of infection in environment> kill all mosquitoes and flies, effective decomposition and disposal of waster,
71. congestive cardiomyopathy what will you have> S3 gallop, S4 Gallop,
72. Congenital Aortic stenosis is narrow> subaortic+ aortic, Supraaortic+ aortic, Aortic, Supraaortic.
73. Cartilage is> avascular,
74. Polycythemia Vera which one is true> Bone Marrow with have myeloblasts, tear drop cells, hypocellura marrow,
75. Inc vagal stimulation will> inc heart rate, inc contractility, inc blood pressure, inc firing from carotid sinus
76. utricle and saccule responsible for > horizontal rotaion, linear acceleration, linear velocity, angular acceleration
77. facilitated diffusion is > transport against conc gradient, has a Vmax, is mediated by a carrier protein,
78. Nerve Resting membrane potential is due to> K conductance, Na conductance, Ca conductance,
79. Skeletal Muscle cross bridge is made up of> Myosin, Actin, Tropomyosin.
80. Local metabolites regulate the blood flow in> Arteries, venules, arterioles
81. pain sensory fibers are > similar to pacinian corpuscle, free nerve endings, are rapidly adaptive
82. Limbic system consists of all except> cerebellum, Cerebral cortex,
83. REM sleep is> dreamless, restless sleep, happens in a tired person
84. Highest heart rate is due to stimulation of > A node, SA node, Purkinje, Bundle of His
85. Hypertension could be associated with all except> pheochromcytome, medullary ca, adrenal cortical tumor,
86. A defect in synthesis of protein> Thalasemia, Hereditary sperocytosis..
87. hemolytic anemia labs will show all except> inc haptoglobin
88. pt comes in with acute appendicitis pain is refered to RIF due to> iliohypogastric, ilioinguial, pudendal, femoral nrv
89. cardiac tamponade will show all except> absent a wave, murmur