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GAT General Test form

GAT General Test fom If GAT General form is in type-able form, fill application form and print it. Otherwise use black ink and BLOCK LETTERS to fill out the form. Download the GAT General test application form. Careful with the spellings of your name. Write the  mailing address correctly where you can be contacted in future. GAT Test Fee is ... Read More »

GAT General Test Schedule 2015

GAT General Test Schedule and date sheet for year 2015.   Sr# Test Date Advertisement Dates Last Date of Submission of Registration Form Roll No. Slip Dispatch Date Result Announcement Date on NTS Website Result Card Dispatch Date Schedule 2015 1 Sunday 11th January 2015 Sunday 23rd November 2014 Monday 15th December 2014 Saturday 27th December 2014 Monday 19th January ... Read More »

GAT General Paper D

GAT General Test Paper D Graduate Assessment Test (GAT™-D) Total No of Questions = 100 Time Allowed = 120 minutes Madrassa / Islamic Education (Students having Master’s Degree from HEC) Fiqh Usul al-Fiqh Uloomul Hadith Uloomul Tafser Logic Arabic Language Arabic Literature Aqida Hadith Tafsir NTS GAT General Pattern Paper D GAT™ Category D – Religious Studies Students Total No ... Read More »

GAT General Test Paper C

GAT General Paper C Paper is for Agricultural, Veterinary Biological & Related Sciences Students Medicine Pathology Ophthalmology Surgery Physiology Pharmacy Nursing Dermatology etc Graduate Assessment Test (GAT™-C) Total No of Questions = 100 Time Allowed = 120 minutes Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences Agriculture Plant Culture Forestry, Horticulture Animal Culture Aquaculture, Fiesheries Biological & Medical Sciences Biology Including Evolution & Genetics ... Read More »

GAT General Paper B

GAT General Test Pattern Paper B Graduate Assessment Test (GAT™-B) Total No of Questions = 100 Time Allowed = 120 minutes Arts & Humanities Fine Arts Photography Recreational & Performing Arts, Music Technical & Vocational Education Languages and Literature Museology (Museum science) Journalism, Advertisement, Mass Communication Social Sciences Anthropology Including Physical Anthropology Archeology Economics Statistics Political Science International Relations Psychology ... Read More »

GAT General Test Paper A

GAT general test Paper A conducted by NTS for admission in MS and M.Phil programs for engineering and business students. Paper pattern GAT General Paper A Graduate Assessment Test (GAT™ Paper A) Total No of Questions = 100 Time Allowed = 120 minutes Business Education Finance All Subjects Including Public Finance Banking Finance Management Commerce Business Administration & Management Engineering ... Read More »

GAT General Papers

GAT General Papers Distribution GAT™ General Paper Distribution and Pattern GAT Paper A GAT Paper B GAT Paper C GAT Paper D Category Test Type Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning Analytical Reasoning Total GAT™ A Paper Distribution GAT™ A Business and Engineering Students 35% 35% 30% 100% GAT™ B Paper Distribution GAT™ B Art, Humanities and Social Sciences Students 50% 30% ... Read More »

GAT General Test

What is GAT General Test GAT™ stands for ” Graduate Assessment Test ”  is for admissions in MS and M.Phil programs. Who can appear in GAT General Test Those with  minimum of sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in the NTS general test. Validity of GAT General Test GAT General Test result will be valid for Two years ... Read More »

Cabinet Division jobs 2014

Cabinet Division jobs 2015 Jobs In Management Services Wing Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad Establishment Division Management Service Jobs   Last Date to apply for cabinet division, management service jobs 2nd January 2015     Read More »