Monday , 22 May 2017

PPSC Pharmacist Test on 23 August 2015

Q. Chloramphenicol causes which side effect?Q. Composition of Drug Court?Q. Subsequent penalties in section of Drug Act 1976?Q. Section 27 of Drug Act 1976 covers?Q. Non Compliance occurs due to?Q. Defination oF non compliance.Q. Which vitamin interferes with diagnosis of pernicious anemoa?Q. What is mode of action of Hydralazine?Q. What is mode of action of Beta Blockers?Q. Chloramphenicol is used for the treatment of which disease particularly?Q. Defination of Spurious drug?Q. Defination of Misbranded drug?Q. Defination of Adulterated drug?Q. Which Sweetening agent used ?Q. Non excipients among benzocaine merhylparaben mannitol and lactoseQ. Which drug dilates artries and veinsQ. Which does nt effect the insulin requirementQ. Which is flouroqunioloneQ. Which is gametocyte Q. Which vitamin cause problem in diagnosis of prenicious anemiaQ. Grapefruit interaction with drugsQ. Ace.I interactionsQ. Amiodarone adrsQ. What is mode of action of sulfonylureas?Q. Fasting blood glucose level is?Q. Cell cycle specific drugs?Q. Drug testing in phase 1Q. Mutagenic testQ. What is adr of Cisplatin? Q. Which phase of cell cycle is effected by alkylating agentsQ. Required TPN is 2.5%…. while hospital have in stock 8.5%…how much is to required to make above solution of 500 ml……option are 120,147,200Q. If Pharmacy department is in line with recommended guidelines it is said to be?Q. What is effect of non selective Beta blocker?Q. Effect of Thiazide diuretics decreases when GFR falls below?Q. Respiratory distress is caused by which drug?Q. WhY cromolyn not use in treatment of asthma?Q. What is use of cromolyn in occular problems?Q. Mode of action of protamine with heparin?Q. What is most common side effect of Morphine?Q. What is the composition of No Salt for hypertensivesQ. Which disease is not antiviral( measles-influenza-Typhoid)Q. Formula for Annual turn over of pharmacy is?Q. Atropine is not used in conjuctivitis because it causes?Q. Cisplatin is? Carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenicQ. Which drug is used to treat HIV?Q. Hypertonic solutionQ. If patient on Ibuprofin is having GI distress then alternativ option is Indomethacin, Acetamniophen, PiroxicamQ. All oral dosage forms go through decomposition in 1st order kinetice except (Tablets,Solutions,Suspensions,capsules)Q. Which is not related to DUE (1.Pharmacy services,Patient compliance,Purchase order,IV admixture preparation)Q. Zeta potential in suspensions is for?Q. A women went through GIT distress in Menstrul cylce,on examination there founf thick wall in endometerioum,most effected drug in this case is…(Estradiol, Finasteride etc)Q. Botanical origin insectide. . .DDT, pyrtherm , carycary . .etc.Q. For Enteric coated tablets disintgratn. . 1stly used. . 0.1HCL , 0.1 H2SO4, water . EtcQ. Which coating is used to mark bitter taste of drug? (Enteric, sugar, film, both b and c)Q. Which is not a diluent?( starch, lactose, dicalcium phosphate)Q. Lubricant used for all except..Flow proprty, wetting in stomach etc.Q. Which antigout drug cause pain at initial therapy. . Colchicine, allopurinol, etcQ. Aspirin induced GI ulcer. . Which drug used ProbenicidEtc.Q. What are.not mirror images and differ in physical n chemcial properties?(racemic subs, diasteriomers, cis and trans)Q. Aspirin with pka value 4 3 absorbed at pH… .6.0, 2.0 1.0 etcQ. Molarity is defined as Molecular weight/L ,Equvalent weight/LQ. Whixh is not a colligative property?( solubility, conc.of hydrogen ions, osmotic pressure)Q. Hypothyroidism causes which condition goitre hashimoti disease ar ths elevared levelsQ. Epinephrine solution degradation sign(brown ppt, crystals, white ppt)Q. If same drug is present as solution and tablet, then which is true?(solutions are economical to prepare, drug is more stable in solution form, solution has more absorption)Q. Antidote for methotrexate?