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NTS GAT Medicine and Allied Paper August 2015

1. reactive arthritis body rash> Keratoderma blenoragicum 2. Wavelength of CO2 used during gingivectmy> 100, 10, 10600, 50? 3. S. Suis what is the main reservoir> cats , cattle, human 4. Bloody Diarrhea causes> Shigella, Staph, Entamoeba 5. Sarcoidosis which one is false> dec 1,25 cholicalciferol 6. congestive cardiomyopathy> 7. IHSS what is false>late systolic murmur, thickening of outflow tract ... Read More »

GAT General Test Paper C

GAT General Paper C Paper is for Agricultural, Veterinary Biological & Related Sciences Students Medicine Pathology Ophthalmology Surgery Physiology Pharmacy Nursing Dermatology etc Graduate Assessment Test (GATâ„¢-C) Total No of Questions = 100 Time Allowed = 120 minutes Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences Agriculture Plant Culture Forestry, Horticulture Animal Culture Aquaculture, Fiesheries Biological & Medical Sciences Biology Including Evolution & Genetics ... Read More »